Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Beej

A Mr. B.J. Gailey will be arriving in town today. Some of you may remember him from Truman State University, some from B&N, some may just remember him as the creepy guy watching you in the shower. I am anticipating a week filled with some card playing, trash talking, and maybe some geek games.

Went to the gym again this morning, ran another 3 miles. My knees are really starting to hurt. I'm taking tomorrow off from the gym. I am starting to look pretty hot, though.

Jeannie and I must do some laundry soon. Our laundry pile has graduated to a full blown laundry tower. Oh well.

I think I have forgotten to mention in this here blog that Jeannie got the job with one of the architecture firms that she interviewed with, the good one. She'll be working 20 hrs. a week there, and 20 hrs. doing carpentry with her old boss, Eric Hoel. Who has a newborn baby boy, Skyler. So we might actually be able to save some money now and consider buying a house in the future. Woo-Hoo! Also, we got a couple of nice checks in the mail while we were out of town so we'll be able to pay off a big chunk of our credit card debt. Woo-Hoo!

Anyway, I'm sure everyone cares deeply about our financial situation. Yuck. Money is dumb, and it is truly the root of most evil. I think if we're ever not-poor, we'll probably just end up longing for the days when we were poor.

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