Thursday, March 09, 2006


If I haven't written in a few days, it's only because not much has been going on that I think warrents a blog entry. Just been working, hanging with BJ and Pat, going to the gym, hanging with the Jeanners, and farting around with all of this Myspace business (you're right, Drew, it is a bit of a nightmare trying to get signed up and everything set up, but it's kind of fun, too)(it's kind of like a little window into how other people see themselves, kind of like a blog but different, too).

Last night I was laying in bed waiting for Jeannie, so the light was on in the bedroom, and I just layed there for a few minutes staring at the light on the ceiling. As I was laying there, I realized that I haven't felt lonely in a long time. Which is a pretty damned amazing thing, considering how much of my teens and twenties I spent being lonely. I don't miss it.

Rich had a line in his blog today that reminded me of Stevie Earl Jacobs. (sniff)

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