Monday, January 09, 2006

Saved the Day

Well, I was blah again today, work was boring, blah blah blah, poop poop poop. But then the Jeanners and I took a nice long walk to go check out the new Daedalus (sp.?) bookstore that's opening near our place (it's not open yet). On the way home we stopped at the Giant G and picked up some groceries, including a nice pork roast that we're going to chuck into the mofo crock pot and let that bastard cook while we're sleeping.

Then I called my good buddy Rich R. and caught up for a little while. 'Twas good to talk to him, it sounds like he's doing well, and I'm interesting in reading how his next couple of weeks plays out.

I wanted another vanilla bean frap today but I made myself abstain so I don't get addicted.

It's amazing how a nice long walk can change my attitude. At least for tonight.

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