Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Lord's Day

A few awards to hand out tonight:

1. Favorite drink at the B&N cafe: a grande vanilla bean frap. With the employee discount, it ends up being a buck seventy. And damned if it ain't deliciouso.

2. Absolutely, hands-down, the best public restroom in the world: Trader Joe's in Towson, MD. Here are some of the qualities that set this one apart: it's a large single occupancy room, with a nice lock on the door and nice thick walls. A constantly running fan right over the commode. Fake plants, a scented candle, nice fake wood cabinets hanging on the walls with extra paper towels and TP, some decorative Pier 1 style small mirrors hanging on the walls. Jesus, I love to go poo in there. All it needs is a nice hand-held Soduko game (maybe chained to the toilet) or a magazine rack.

I've been a little sad lately, don't know why. Not too bad, though. Also, I have what may be an ingrown toenail (although I'm not convinced that that's what it is) and it hurts like a mofo.

The David Foster Wallace book has peaked and is starting to go downhill. I actually skipped most of an essay on Dostoevsky. And I like Dostoevsky. But the essay I'm reading now is starting to get interesting, so maybe it'll pick back up.

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