Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A full plate

It's getting harder and harder to come up with titles for these blogs when most days are very similar...

Right now I'm staring at a plate of 3 hot dogs, with relish and ketchup (no mustard for me, thanks) and sipping a warm FRESCA (the FRESCA is courtesy of one Mary Ann Walsh, who came over for dinner last night with me and the Jeanners. The menu was baked potato, salad, and BBQ pork roast was also available, although I don't think anyone ate any.).

Anyway, today is my day off, and though it is only noon-time, I have already accomplished many of my goals for the day. They were:

Go to B&N for errand-type business. Go to the gym. Answer qustions posed in an e-mail from the stage manager for 'The Imaginary Invalid' regarding lighting issues. This e-mail has put me into a slight panic mode about the show, despite the fact that tech week doesn't begin for another 17 days. But, I'm realizing that I'm actually going to have to break down and 'read the script.' (shudder). And do some actual design-type things instead of just hanging the lights, asking the director what he/she wants and adjusting the instruments and cueing according to what the director tells me.

Also, I was planning on playing hookie (hookey? hooky?) from work tomorrow, but have decided to just go to work and not call out sick. This is for several reasons: 1. I'm scheduled to close tomorrow night with Jeremy, and I haven't closed in awhile and I'm kind of looking forward to it; plus, I like Jeremy, and we're going to have a discussion about whether he should quit his job as a high school counselor and go into some sort of private practice or just stay a high school counselor. 2. I found out that I absolutely have to call out sick from work on Saturday in order to attend a 'design run' for IMAGINARY INVALID. I'd rather not call out 2 days in the same week, especially since doing so would mean that I was away from work for 4 days straight.

Jeannie and I are planning a date for Friday night.

Finally, probably only Jeannie and Mary Ann will get this, but here goes...

Chuckie, if you're reading this on your dad's computer, GET THE HELL OFF THE COMPUTER!!!

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