Monday, January 16, 2006

Post Inventory

We just finished doing an inventory at work. It went pretty well. It's nice because I get paid to go to work late at night when there's no customers. Work without customers isn't like work at all, it's like getting paid to hang out in a music store, except that you have to count all the CD's.

What's been rolling around the ol' noggin lately? The answer is: "Surprisingly little." Jeannie and I have started babysitting again now that Samuel and his Mummy are back from jolly ol' The United Kingdom. Which is kind of a downer because it was nice to not have to babysit over the weekends, and it was nice not having neighbors above us. But, the extra money is handy and it's really not a big deal to watch him for a few conscious hours.

I have the day off tomorrow and my goal is not to waste it. I want to go running, either through the neighborhood or at the gym, and I want to take our recyclables to the dump. And I suppose I will spend probably too much time sitting in front of the computer drooling over reviews and pictures of the Creative Labs Zen Touch, waiting for mine to ship (estimated ship date 1/20/06).

I skipped work on Saturday to attend the 'design rehearsal,' which was a little bit of a waste of time but valuable, too, I guess. The show will be pleasant, I think, nothing too too exciting going on but nothing dreadful or boring, either.

For awhile there, I was just sitting watching my cursor blink, and it was keeping pretty good time with the ticking of the surprisingly loud $1.00 clock that I referred to in this blog a few months ago. Bonus points to any nerds who go back and find the reference. Besides me, that is.

I wonder if this will still be floating in cyberspace after we're all dead?

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