Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dick the Donkey

Here's some things that stick out in my mind from the last few days:

I went through our music collection the other day and sorted all of our music into different genres. I learned that if I put your music into the categories "Folk Rock" or "Alternative" then I probably don't like your music very much. Exceptions to the rule are Soul Coughing (alternative) and some Greg Brown stuff (folk rock). On the whole, though, anything labeled "Folk Rock" is pretty bland.

Side note: How does one categorize Tom Waits?

I watched most of the new show "Love Monkey" last night. It has the guy from "Ed" in it. Most of me wants to not like the show, but for some reason I really like the guy from "Ed." And it's about a guy who starts his own record label, so I was drawn to it. I don't know. I think it will probably be a guilty pleasure.

Hmmm. So I guess not much has been going on the last few days...

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Patrick J Coursey said...

When I first downloaded iTunes for the iPod I went through all my music files and deleted any reference to the 'Alternative' genre. Even Soul Coughing got labeled as Jazz/Rock. Whoever the journalist was that came up with Alternative as a musical label needs to be trampled by a riot of flanel-wearing, long-haired Seattleites. Boo on him.

Not coincidentally, I had trouble with Waits too. He ended up in 'other'. Where he undoubtedly belongs.