Friday, January 13, 2006

"I've seen your hand turn saintly on the radio dial..."

Day off.

Jeannie and I are going in to CSC to work on the set.

Tonight we're going to have our date, which looks like it's going to consist of a dinner at Applebee's (we have a gift certificate) and then maybe a trip to the library! Is this lame? It actually seems really fun...does that make ME lame? Am I lame?

I have begun reading 'The Imaginary Invalid,' and it's not too bad. And it feels kinda good to get a head start on things and actually start thinking about the lighting before I'm on a ladder hanging lights. So thank you Ellen-stage-manager-of-Imaginary-Invalid-who-got-me-to-get-off-

Tried to record yesterday but am experiencing some technical difficulties. Must be having problems with my computer or my equipment or the cables connecting the two.

I'm using a gift certificate that Jeannie and I recieved as a wedding present from my aunt and uncle to put towards the purchase of a new MP3 player. Jeannie has assured me that she doesn't mind using something that was given to both of us towards what will essentially be a present for me. She's always very nice that way. Anyway, I'm going to get a 40GB Creative Labs Zen Touch. I am very excited, as we will be able to fit our entire music library on it and still have room to grow.

My brother might be coming for a visit in March! Which is a very pleasant surprise, indeed...

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Can the boy tell time? said...

I must say that BJ's Medea monkish hair ring was probably the most effective if not 'the best' look for BJ Gailey. Too bad his hair grew back.