Friday, January 06, 2006

"Magical Markers"

Well, yesterday turned out to be a pretty damned good day. Talked to my buddy Mary Ann for a little while, Cooked a delicious roast and some mashers and some brownies for me and my lady's dinner, did some chores, and then went to the Baltimore Art Museum (BMA) with the Jeanners because on the first Thursday of every month it's free to go to the BMA. When we were done at the museum we were walking through Charles Village back to our car and it made us both really want to move there very much. So I think we decided that we're definitely going to move to Charles Village when they kick us out of here (sometime before August).

Today was good as well. Spent all day working at CSC, building a frame for and hanging some double doors. It wasn't too bad, and Chuck Leonard was there to help for part of the day, so it was enjoyable. They turned out better than I expected they would. Hopefully I have not screwed up my back like I did last time. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Jeannie and I are starting to plan our next visit to St. Louis, which should be at the end of February, and I've got some days of vacation to use up so maybe it will be a nice, long, leisurely visit. Maybe we could stop in Columbus for awhile? I'll have to check it out with the cool kids. Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, though. That's fo' damned sure.

The David Foster Wallace book is very good, if you're like me and you think that DFW is just about the most awesomest thing to happen to literature in a long long time.

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