Thursday, January 12, 2006

I love it!

Rich's 'Sodalicious' machine strikes again! I love it! I am absolutely enthatlled by this machine. I want to take a pilgrimage to Chicago just to see it and put money in it and try to get a whole bunch of sodas... 12 sodas for 65 cents! Doesn't that put the best mental image in your head? It does for me...

If you don't know what I'm talking about, click on the link over there to the right for "Rich's Blog" and look at his entry for Friday, December 2. Then read the entry for January 11th.

Yesterday was a fine day. Some highlights include doing some cooking and cleaning, and especially a phone call from one BJ Gailey. BJ Gailey is now teaching the college-aged youth of America, which is frightening, funny, and also creates wonderful mental images. Also, he informs me that he is sporting a beard and short hair, which I think is his best look (aside from the MEDEA ring-of-hair-around-an-entirely-bald-top-of-head). Maybe I think it's his best look because it's MY look. That is a frightening peek into my own personal psyche, I suppose.

I finished the DFW book. I would catagorize it as "good." I skipped one essay, which isn't too bad, but there also wasn't any essay that was tremendously awesome.

Right now I'm going back and forth between strumming a B7 and an Em on my first guitar, a junior-sized acoustic that my mom got for my dad one year for Christmas but which sat under a bed until my mom asked if I wanted to take guitar lessons when I was, I think, eleven years old. The guitar is now old and doesn't stay in tune very well, but for some reason I still like it's plunky sound.

I'm off to grab a bite to eat and maybe attempt some recording.

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