Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hey Howdy Chris Bosco!

I had the most whack of all the whack dreams last night and I must write down some of the details before I forget them. The dream centered on the premise that I was attending Chris Bosco's wedding...here are some of the strange details, in no particular order and in convenient bullet point format...

1. The wedding itself was not strange, but when I got home I realized that through the entire ceremony I had been wearing my tux shirt open at the collar, unbuttoned to the navel--disco style.

2. The reception was held at the power plant, in a strange non-existant air-conditioned room next to the boilers.

3. Some Asian girls crashd the reception, and nobody knew who they were. I hypothesized that they must work at the power plant but they must be "in a different union."

4. It was discovered that there was a homeless Brazilian man who slept under various locations in the power plant, much like I did.

5. BJ Gailey showed up at the reception. The homeless Brazilian man told me that BJ and Tom Waits had been "teaching [him] about Jesus Christ."

6. Jeannie was at the reception, and at some point she grabbed my wang, which was out.

7. There was a post-reception party on a boat that Chris' mom and dad owned called the Christopher Michael.

8. At the post-reception party on the Christopher Michael, veryone was wearing ringmasters' outfits, i.e. red tails, white knickers, and black top hats.

That's about all I can remember. I'm sure you'll agree that this was a strange dream, no? I must get ready for work...

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Can the boy tell time? said...

It was all real. That was not a dream. Fact.
Plus, for some reason I was laughing my ass off. Probably because it was funny, but it is very, very late so perhaps it was not all that funny. I doubt it. But that does solidify the fact that you are crazy.
Call me back, damn you.