Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Here we are again, siting in front of the computer, bowels full, balding, sore feet, mouth tasting of old cinnamon altoids and even older pork sandwich.

This morning I turned on Jeannie's computer to check my e-mail and it froze up so I restarted it and it wouldn't boot up and kept telling me it couldn't find the primary hard drive. I freaked out for a few minutes but then it started working. I hope it's ok.

Last night I went out to the Charles Village Pub with Patrick and Elizabeth from work (we were orginally going out to see The Metal Hearts at the Ottobar but we arrived just as they were finishing their set). It was a good time, I was in a quiet mood so I listened a lot and commented a little, and I was the designated driver so I did good at staying under (or around) my 2 beer maximum (stretched out over several hours).

I remember that as I was falling asleep last night I started missing all my friends terribly, thinking that the fact that we're spread out all over the country is the worst thing ever, and it hurt really bad and I wished everybody was all in the same place agin. But I think that was just an abnormal falling-asleep feeling because I usually don't feel that way. And today I feel more normal, I still miss everyone but I think it's kinda cool that everyone is spread out and occasionally paths cross and we get to swap stories of "I talked to so-and-so the other night" and "Mr. Stinky came to visit last week," and shite like that.

Anyway, that's about it. Pat invited us over for dinner tonight so that's what we're doing. We're bringing Jello.

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