Monday, January 23, 2006

Double Duty

If I haven't been writing, it's because I've been spending most of my time getting my new MP3 player set up, and the rest of my time I've been consciously spending with my wife so that she can't accuse me of spending all my time getting my MP3 player set up.
Which leaves very little time for blog writing, indeed.

Not too much interesting has been going on. Been working a lot because I'm going to have 4 days off this weekend to work on set and lights for 'Imaginary Invalid.' Every time I write the name of that show, I feel like I'm writing 'Imaginary InVALid' which doesn't make much sense, but just in case that's the way you're reading it, it's actually 'Imaginary INvalid.' As in, 'Imaginary Sick Person.' I'm glad that's been taken care of.

I will, as always, be glad when this show is over.

The new MP3 player is, so far, wonderful (knock on wood).

Reading Drew's blog today made me miss Drew.

I just finished a nice little book about trout fishing by John Gierach (apparently he writes lots of nice little books about trout fishing) that was lent to me by Jeannie's brother, and it made me think of Sean a lot, and a lot of times I heard Sean's voice in the stories, so I think that I'm going to have to buy a copy for myself and send it off to the Seanyboy. As it is the middle of winter, I'm guessing they ain't got that much sunlight right now in Alaska. Does one do a lot of reading when there's no sunlight? I have no idea. My guess is that one does a lot of going to bars.

Off to make boom-boom.

Oh, I almost forgot, the other day I made some great progress with the lyrics/vocals for the last song I did, and now all it needs, I think, is some more mixing and EQ work. Woo-Hoo!

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