Thursday, January 19, 2006

"Every second of the night, I live another life..."

I had some strange dreams last night. In one, I got shot and killed because I was hanging out with Leonard from the book, "My friend Leonard." I die in my dreams every now and again, and it's usually not too bad, everything just goes white and it gets very hard to breathe and then I wake up.

In another dream (and I don't remember any other specifics about this dream other than what I'm about to write), Joey from 'Friends' was being catheterized and I had to hold some sort of strange bag that the catheter was attached to. I think this dream occurred because I was watching an old 'Friends' episode where Joey has kidney stones and when he's in the hospital they tell him they might have to give him a catheter. I hope that's why I had this dream. Let's assume that that's why I had this dream.

Have Jeannie and I been watching American Idol?

Yes. (shamefully)

That's about it. The new MP3 player should be coming soon. I am pumped about this.

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soandsonobody said...

To bad it wasn't Joey from Blossom; WHOA!