Sunday, October 16, 2005

Not at Home

I'm writing this at 12:41 in the morning, and I'm in the kitchen of a huge log-cabin in the woods. Jeannie and I are house (and dog) sitting for the weekend. When I say I am in a log cabin, you might be picturing an Abe Lincoln-woodburning stove-one room shack kinda thing, but it's more along the lines of a huge-ass, five star luxury hotel-like mansion that happens to be built from huge logs. Seriously. I am sitting in the lap of luxury, and it is a very warm, expensive lap. And we get paid to stay here. It's a pretty nice deal, any way you look at it. The house belongs to Jeannie's speech therapist and her husband (who is also a doctor).

Anyway, so we're here in the middle of the woods and it's great and everything except that they only have dial-up access. So I'm typing this and remembering how much I hate dial-up and this damned AOL browser.

It's been a good couple of days. Worked on some music yesterday and put what I think are the finishing touches on 'True Love.' Walked to the grocery store. Wore my favorite autumn shirt that is falling apart and almost dead. Then we started house sitting yesterday in the evening and took baths in the whirlpool tub and made a nice dinner and watched tube to try to make us sleepy.

Then work today, which was fine.

Highlights of last few days:

1. Walk to grocery store. The sun came out for the first time in about a week, and I got to wear my favorite shirt, and I saw a shiny gold coin on the ground but did not stop to investigate it. Also saw what looked to be a 110 year old woman driving along happily in a tiny car.

2. Saying "grunties" last night in bed with Jeannie, over and over again and giggling every time.

Thassall for now.

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