Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, Monday

Fall is definitely in the air. Just went outside to take out the garbage, and it's a cool, sunny, windy, crisp fall day.

Jeannie got a good night's sleep last night (she's had insomnia on and off for a week or two) and she's still zonked out. Danny Dolan was over last night when I got home from work, we talked for a little while and then took him back to the apartment where he's staying while in town.

We're getting to the point where I start to worry about the lighting that I'm supposed to be working on for Coriolanus. I hate that point. Even though I have a relatively small job to do, it feels like the whole production is resting on the fact that I NEED TO START WORKING ON IT RIGHT AWAY. Which is not true. Just my damned midwestern work ethic kicking in.

Reading Elz' BLOG made me miss driving in the midwest. It also made me miss hanging out with Drew and Ricky. The summer before I moved here was one of the best of my life, mainly because I got to hang out with Ricky and Drew and Karista a lot. And sit outside and smoke cigarettes (yesterday I used the phrase "smoke 'em if you got 'em," and I instantly craved a smoke), and drink lemonade.

Not looking forward to going to work this afternoon. Maybe Jeannie and I can do something fun before I have to go in.

Oh, and I got the feeling from an e-mail Rich sent that he wasn't crazy about 'True Love.' Which I can understand, but makes me worry about my own misgivings about the song, and makes me worry that it needs more work, and I don't know if I have the energy to put more work into it. I think I have an internal time limit when I work on a song, I can only put so much time into a song before I'm 'done with it.' I guess that's when it would be beneficial to have bandmates or a producer around. To keep the creative fires burning. Oh well. C'est la guerre.

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