Friday, October 14, 2005


Well, it's quarter to 2 and I'm home from inventory early, and that puts me in a good mood because it went well, but I took a big nap with the Jeanners this afternoon in preparation for staying up late and now I'm not tired. Time to waste some more time!

Today was good. When Jeannie got home we went on our lunch date to Panera, which was fun because it reminded me of when we lived in St. Louis and I would be working a night or overnight shift and I would go pick her up from work at the architecture firm and we would go have lunch at Panera. That kinda stuff was about 5 years ago. Back when we had money, ha ha...
Anyway, we had a good lunch date, and she filled me in on some of the backstory about our new neighbor that she learned when new neighbor came down to hang out yesterday. Then we got to go to the grocery store. We bought lots of things, including red peppers, grape jam, sweet relish (for my doggies), toilet paper (red charmin, the good stuff), and other things that I don't care about naming right now. Tuna was one of the other things, boring stuff like that, so you see why I'm not interested in naming it.
Then we took a big long nap. Jeannie was super groggy when we woke up and claimed she couldn't drive but we went and dropped the car off at the shop anyway. It was funny, but probably one of those things where you had to be there.

I have noticed a couple of things lately:

1. I think the thing that I find most attractive in the world is effortlessness. The ability to do something without trying, or at least without seeming like you're trying. You might have to work very hard to do something well, but you do it in such a way that it doesn't seem like you're working hard.

2. I'm writing more now that I know people are reading. I'm also writing more because I bookmarked my blog, so now it's just one of those daily things I check, like my e-mail. I don't know if this is good or bad, but I'm starting to enjoy it. I don't think that I've changed the way I write too much now that there's folks out there, so that's good. But the damned posts are getting longer. And I've started using things like italics.

Life is good tonight. I guess I'll try and go to sleep now.

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Can the boy tell time? said...

Effortlessness is wonderful. There are things which I can do which are effortless, but then at the same time there are a multitude of things which should be effortless, like breakfast for example. Even after nearly 29 years, I still have a hard time finding out what comes next first thing in the morning. I eat the same thing every day, so how hard can it be. Sometimes I surprise myself after filling a bowl with cereal wondering what comes next as I stare into the fridge at the milk.
Who knows, maybe I should make a checklist or bullet points.