Tuesday, May 17, 2005


haven't written in a few days. been working more, and starting to work on the set that I've been procrastinating.

Some things from the past few days:

1. Going out and getting some Chinese food with Jeannie, at the cheap little place in Hampden. It's a great little place, narrow and deep, and I enjoyed sitting at the counter waiting for our food and looking out at the street through the bright, pale blue neon sign. And watching the woman make fresh sushi. It was a scene that was cheery and sad at the same time. Chinese restaurants always make me sad in a good way.

2. Getting through work yesterday without having to talk to a new manager who I don't like and who makes me unhappy to go to work. So yesterday was a good day.

Two days off of work starting today. I put some new strings on the guitar and hooked it up with some open tuning.

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