Sunday, May 22, 2005

On the Pot

I have been remiss. Been too busy to write, which is odd. When it rains it pours. Working on MIDSUMMER set, and it's going well.

Some thoughts from the last couple of days:

1. Working Friday night with Jeannie on the set, both of us in work clothes, it's getting late and we're cutting wood, drawing things out with no music on or anything, and it's quiet and fun and peaceful. Joking, yelling back and forth between the buzzing of the saws. And after awhile Wayne Willinger comes in, for some reason, and he's giggly and confesses to us, "I'm an occasional pot smoker..." and he's high and funny and sweet. He's so nice, there to pick up "wigs and ladies' dresses" for a show that the autisitc kids he works with are putting on. He cranks up the radio, because the station is going to be playing a black sabbath album all the way through-- he's been waiting for it all was an odd night, sweet, fun.

2. Not much else. Strange dream last night involving Rich. Haven't been eating too well.

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