Friday, May 13, 2005


Happy 6 monthiversary to me and Jeannie. Ain't life strange n' grand.

Didn't sleep well last night. Too many thoughts about work and the set that I've been procrastinating.

Drove to the Giant-G this morning to buy some sausage, as I had a hankering for a big greasy egg, sausage and toast breakfast. Also bought loaf of bread.

Things to remember from yesterday:

1. Hi-5's with Jeannie watching THE APPRENTICE. Quick 7 minute walk and then watched some of ER.

2. Jeannie asked me something while she was asleep in bed last night. Both of us remembered this morning that she asked me something, but neither of us remember what it was. It must have been strange, though, because when she asked it, I said to her, "Are you asleep?"

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