Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rusty and Gravedigger

1.  Samuel got a big boy bed today.  Napped this afternoon in it and rolled out after about 10 minutes.  Then couldn't fall asleep in it tonight and asked to be put back in his crib.

2.  Last night, in the bathtub, S asked for a story about testicles.  I started to tell him a story, and he asked that the testicles be named Rusty and Gravedigger.  (Gravedigger, I believe, after the monster truck of the same name.)

3.  Not sure what else to write about.

4.  Anna isn't doing anything interesting yet, but is putting on weight.

5.  Came up with a good nickname for Samuel:  Samela Anderson.

6.  Didn't go into work at all this weekend, which was pretty great, although I spent most of the weekend expecting an e-mail or text telling me that something had broken which would require my immediate attention and cause me to have to go into work, which prohibited my enjoyment of a work-less weekend.  Catch-22?

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