Friday, February 27, 2015

Jekyll and Hyde

A good day today.  It's very weird, because yesterday Samuel was the child from hell and today he was great --  happy, helpful, excited.  If everyday flip-flops like this I'm going to be a completely worn out, tired wreck within a week or two.  But anyway, today we all went out for a Target trip and then were able to get our laundry folded and put away -- which, between the birth of Anna and Samuel's sickness seemed to include every piece of child's and adult clothing that we own and everything that we keep in our linen closet.  A lot of laundry.

Earnest opens tonight, and then they're setting up for tomorrow's Vanya matinee after the show.  I'm contemplating swinging over there, although it will be late and I really need to just work on a design for Romeo and Juliet and then go to bed.

Funny kid story:  Samuel is at an age where he wants to be by himself while he's pooping.  So he will either ask you to leave whatever room you happen to be in, or he will go into the corner of some other room and just kinda hang out for a few minutes while he's crapping in his diaper.  If he's in or near the kitchen, he will say, "I need to go look at the oils," and then go to the back of the kitchen and stand in front of the shelf that has our cooking oils on it and then shit.  So in our house, "I need to go look at the oils," will, I think, enter the vernacular as code for #2.

I'm a little worried about Anna's eyes.  She doesn't seem to focus on anything.  I can't remember if that's normal for newborn's or if I should just assume she's blind.  I'm not going to worry about it until told to by a child's health professional.  She had her first pediatrician appointment on Wednesday and they said she looks fine, so that's what I'm going on now.  I think she has another appointment next week.

Today I had pea soup for the first time in years.  I love pea soup!

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