Monday, February 11, 2013

Empty Theater

Pretty much every muscle in my body feels sore right now.  I've been heading down to the theater the last couple of days and moving a lot of stuff around, and I think my body is not used to doing that kind of thing on a regular basis anymore.  There was a fiasco with a Genie lift yesterday that involved about 6 guys attempting to move the thing in a manner in which it was not designed to be moved.  The moving also involved a car jack, several two-by-fours, and a cart.  And it (or some other activity that I did) has left me feeling sore.

All the activity has been in preparation for the "Empty Theater Party," which is where we opened up the building to some of the movers and shakers of Baltimore, a chance to bring in potential donors and let them see the space and hopefully share our enthusiasm and get them interested in helping with the project.  And there was tasty catered food and lovely decorations and some live music and a couple of short speeches.  But most of the day was left for mingling and schmoozing, two activities at which I am no good, so I spent most of the day talking to people that I already knew or walking from place to place as though I had something important to do.

Tomorrow is the J-Dog's birthday.  I fear it will be a relatively low-key one, but she'll be at work most of the day anyway. 

What else?

Spent a good part of my morning sending e-mails about conduit.   

Everybody needs sleep.  I really should just stop writing and GO TO BED. 

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