Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Continuing Adventures of Don & Jenny

Tonight at work I was hit by a couple of different waves of nostalgia.  Nostalgia for all the various folks who have worked in the music dept. with me over the last 10 years and who have (mostly) gone on to bigger and better things, and with whom I used to have a decent amount of fun amidst the soul-crushing boredom and soul-sucking Customers.

Then had a smack of nostalgia for the days of hanging out with Ron R. back at Truman.  Made me decide that a goal for the summer (or whenever we happen to visit the Midwest) is to take a day to drive up to K-ville and have lunch with Ron.  I haven't seen him since me and J-Dog's wedding. 

I am typing this on a new computer that Jeannie and I purchased off the website WOOT after receiving a "heads up" from Jeannie's brother (who knew that we had been looking for a new computer).  Anyway, this new computer is pretty snazzy and has a backlit keyboard that I am currently taking advantage of.  It also has a hard drive large enough to fit all of our music files, which is pretty exciting.  Now I can listen to Fischer J. Price without having to hook up an external drive.  Maybe 2 people just got that joke.


I got keys to the new building, which is exciting, although the waiting around for the full-time job to start is starting to make me a little nuts.  So close yet so far away.

I bought a CD the other day of Jack Kerouac doing some reading over some piano playing by Steve Allen.  I really like it, but I think you'd need to be a pretty hardcore Kerouac fan already in order to enjoy it.  I'm really surprised by how much he sounds like Allen Ginsberg when he's reading.  Maybe he was trying to imitate Ginsberg or Ginsberg was trying to imitate him, but there are lines where it really sounds like Ginsberg reading.

Alright, Jeannie wants to go to bed so I must stop writing or go to another room or something. 

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