Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tharty Fahve!

Today's my 35th birthday.  I passed the day thusly:  going to work in the morning, coming back home at around 9:00am, opening cards and presents from Jeanners and Sam, farting around on the computer, napping, going back to work at around 5pm, coming home, talking with the Jeanners, feeding Sam, trying to get him to go to sleep, getting him to fall asleep on the living room couch, getting a fucking cricket out from under the radiator in our rear bedroom because it (the cricket) was driving me fucking crazy, putting the cricket outside, carrying Sam into his room, settling down to record all of this wonderfulness for posterity. 

Sam got me $50 for my birthday, to put towards my purchase of an Onkyo TX-8050 stereo receiver.  What a guy. 

The other night (last Sunday night), when I went out with my co-workers for drinks after work, I had 3 beers at the bar and 1 beer at home, for a total of 4 beers.  Spread out over about 3.5 hours.  And I woke up on Monday with a pretty substantial hangover, and the hangover was mostly gone by the end of the day on Monday, but a piece of it still lingered for the rest of the damned week.  What gives??? I can only surmise that someone must have slipped me some sort of drug, probably because they wanted to have their sordid little way with me.  I've narrowed it down to Jeannie or Brian G. 

The Jeanners got me The Koran for my birthday.  I'm spelling it the way it's spelled on the book, so if you don't like it direct your complaints to the book, please. 

Jeannie's mom is going to be coming out this weekend and staying for about a week and a half.  I'm looking forward to it.  It means that the Jeanners and I will get to go on some dates, and also I might be able to get some stuff done around the house. 

It's been a good year.  Weird to think that right around this time last year we were starting to figure out that the J-Dog was preggers. 

Ok, I'm gonna go now. 


zeteticat said...

Happy Birthday! Though a little late. Sounds lovely.

zeteticat said...

Happy Birthday! I'm having trouble proving I"m not a robot. Those words are hard!

zeteticat said...

Okay so, please only approve one of these comments. I only just realized it's the comment moderation and not my inability to prove my non-robot status that might be why I keep coming back to this screen. So, really, I can read; I blame blogger. You can go ahead and disapprove this comment then.

DOB said...

Sorry, Catherine, I had to post all 3. I couldn't not post all 3.