Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dumplings? Yes.

I think that Dumplings? Yes. would be a pretty good album title. 

Anyway, I'm about to eat a ginormous plate of leftover chickn' n' dumplins' sitting atop a fluffy bed o' mashers.  Probably about 1.5 pounds worth.  The C&D were made by Jeannie's Mom while she was staying here (she left this morning), the mashers were made by moi

So yes, the Jeanners' mother has been here for the last 12 days, and it's been great, as her visits usually are.  Great because for the last 12 days we haven't really had to worry about dishes or laundry or childcare, and great because some days we got to sleep in until 7 or 8, and also great because Jeannie's Mom is a really easy person to live with, and we're able to be comfortable and be ourselves and everybody I think enjoys it all very much.  As an example of the comfortable-ness:  yesterday I was outside working in the yeard, and Jeannie and her Mom were in the back bedroom with Sam, and I peeked in the window and Jeannie's Mom said, "Look, a burglar!" and then Jeannie said (to me):  "I'll burgle you right up your butt."  And then I had to assure Jeannie's Mom that Jeannie was only joking and that my butt had never actually been burgled.  Anyway, just the type of interaction that we're able to have that we wouldn't be able to have if, say, my parents were here. 

While J's Mom has been here, both Jerns and I have been working a lot.  The Jeanners will probably be pretty busy at work through the end of next week, and maybe a little longer -- it's her busy season.  I should be relatively un-busy at work for the next month or two, right until we start getting into the deep shit for Christmas. 

I wonder what we'll do for Turkeyday this year?  I wonder what we'll do for Christmas? 

Sam-o is sleeping. 

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