Monday, October 24, 2011

My Undies

Let me tell you a little bit about the history of my underwear wearing. I started out as a little kid with tighty whities, and they were fine. And then in high school I switched to boxers, because something about them seemed rebellious. And then in college, I moved on up to boxer briefs, because they are the sexiest of the underwear. And for a long time I've been wearing good, old fashioned 100% cotton boxer briefs, Fruit of the Looms or Hanes or whatever's handy. And they've been great, but in the summer time when Jerns and I would go for walks they'd get a little chafy around the inner thighs. So I scouted around and found some Under Armour polyester/cotton/spandex blend things that cost like $25 for one stupid pair but that totally solved the chafing problem, and were still sexy boxer brief things, and then I found some off-brand p/c/s blend things that were still expensive but considerably less expensive, and all my underwear planets seemed to be aligning and life was good. But after a year or so of wearing those p/c/s blend things, something has happened in either the chemical makeup of the underwear (perhaps from constant exposure to a state that my brother refers to as "swamp ass"), or the humidity or PH or general atmosphere that's occuring in my undies, and they have stopped letting any moisture (hopefully caused by sweat) out and have started giving me isolated instances of what appears to be good, old fashioned, American diaper rash. So now I've gone back to wearing the 100% cotton boxer briefs. And the diaper rash problems have abated, but they (the cotton BB's) are just not as comfortable as the suped-up p/c/s blend. So now I'm on the lookout again for the perfect pair of underwear. I think they probably are some sort of weird hybrid - a cotton crotch and ass but with spandex leg portions sewn on.


The Jeanners is out of town on a work trip as of this morning. I wasted no time and promptly hit the grocery store to by 20 hot dogs & buns and extra tonic. We just got off the phone a little while ago. We have started a new thing where before we go to sleep I ask her questions from a Trivial Pursuit handheld game. She answered one of two questions correctly tonight, which means she has won my love for another day.

We moved our furniture from one half of the house into the other half last night. This doesn't mean that the half we moved our shit into is done, it just means it was done enough for us to move in. Either way, it feels pretty good to be sleeping in an actual bedroom and not in the room that's smack-dab in the middle of the house with a big damn picture window that looks out into the front yard and street. So anyway, work continues on that front.

Tonight at work I spent most of my time reading various parts of the Steve Jobs biography. Although I really don't give a rat's ass about Steve Jobs or Apple or anything, it was weirdly inspiring to read. Inspiring to read about a guy who built something from the ground up and loved it enough to stick with it and explore all kinds of different areas with it, areas he probably never dreamed he'd be getting into when the thing started.

Bought the new Coldplay album and the new Tom Waits album today. Looking forward to both of them, although Brian Eno isn't as involved with this Coldplay cd as much as he was with the last one, which makes it decidedly less interesting for me. But who cares. It's new music.

Lots of changes at work. I am coasting through it all on an "I don't care" attitude.


Josh said...

Hey man, just wanna say I dig your writing style.

Also, I think it's interesting that we decided on the same color scheme for our blogs.

That's just weird.

Schleetz said...

I know we'll be friends forever because you will tell the whole wide internet about your panties and your adult diaper rash.

Geez, I miss you.