Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hott az Balz

It has gotten summer-time hot here in Baltimore City. 99 today. Yep. So ends my weather small-talk.

The Beej was in town for about a week, and last Thursday night I headed on down to Chez Kilpatrick and played some geek games until 4 in the morning. Seriously! And then the children Kilpatrick woke up at like 7:30, and Teresa mercifully kept them upstairs for about 45 minutes so I got to catch a little more sleep downstairs on the couch. It was a good time. During the geek games, by the way, I stomped on BJ and Pat's weak spines. Which never happens. For those keeping score at home, the last time I played spades with BJ I stomped on his spine, and the last time I played geek games (geek games, by the way, is a really dorky card-based game put out by the history channel called Anachronism. It's actually really fun if you're a big ol' geek like BJ or even just a borderline geek like me.) with Pat and BJ, I stomped on their spines. Also, I ate about a bag and a half of Doritos and drank 2 litres of caffeine-free Coke. A good night.

Then, on Sunday, the Jeanners and I worked on our roof all day, from 9 in the morning until around 9 at night. And I was a complete bitch the entire day. Seriously. Tremendous bitch. I complained the whole day and was grumpy and complaining and grumpy. All day. I am glad and surprised that Jeannie didn't accidentally nudge me off the roof. So props to the J-Dog for putting up with my b-crap. Also, mad props to the J-Dog for finishing the job all by herself on Monday while I was at work. Monday, when it was much sunnier and hotter up on the roof than on Sunday when I was pissing and crying all day, and she did it with no complaining. One of a kind.

Monday night the Beej came up to our place for dinner (actually, he had been hanging out at the B&N all day while I was at work, which is probably only slightly higher on the sucky-boredom scale than actually working there), and the A-Train came over and we headed up to the Hamilton Tavern for some tasty burgers. Once again, the Hamilton Tavern did not disappoint, and because it was a holiday, it wasn't super-crowded in there. Then we came back to the house and talked a little bit, and listened to some Rick Astley, and tried to figure out who the hell Aimee was talking about when she was describing a guy with long dark hair, circa 2004, who had a video on MTV where he wiggled his eyebrows a lot. If anybody knows who it might be, please send me a message because nobody could figure it out. Jeanners and I also realized that the A-Train would be a perfect karaoke companion, so the next time we head to Mango Manny's for some splended B-More-style karaoke, we will be calling the Aims.

That is all for now. Yesterday I put up some drywall and sweated a lot and ripped the ass entirely out of my shorts.

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