Sunday, May 29, 2011

Words to Live By.

Disclaimer: the basic idea behind this post has been gestating in my head all day. However, it is being written after a particularly potent G&T, probably particularly potent because it was made without ice. Made without ice because the Jeanners is sleeping, and when I got up to put more ice in my glass before making the G&T, she stirred in bed, and I heard her, and I didn't want to wake her.

End of disclaimer.

During my high school years, I lived by quotes that I learned from the movie Dead Poets Society. Carpe Diem and "What's the worst that can happen?" Actually, I think the quote that I used to have run through my head is, "Even if it kills me." And really, those quotes worked pretty well.

During my college years I didn't live by much at all, but I wanted to be sexy, and I wanted to be artistic, and I wanted to be the guy in the corner of the party drinking red wine and chain smoking. It wasn't that hard.

During my post-college years, I have lived by the mantras of "Want Less" and "Talk Less," but I think I have taken those about as far as I care to go with them. I'm going to stop pushing them.

And so, my mantras for my mid-thirties, things I need to work on:
1. Take a chance.
2. Don't be negative.
3. Life should be fun.
4. Hard work is usually fun. With the right music and/or the right company.

So anyway, that's what I've been thinking about today. From the time I took my shower this morning, and at work, and right now.

For th last hour or so, I've been watching CHEERS, and then Tom Waits videos on Youtube. Ouch. Sometimes watching Tom Waits videos makes my chest hurt.

Tonight I made a joke about Castlevania. I think if you're going to make a joke about video games, Castlevania is a good video game to choose to make a joke about. Contra is a close second.

Authors I want to read:
Flannery O'Connor
Charles Bukowski

Music I want to Download because I don't feel like paying the B&N price for the CD:
Mavis Staples, We'll Never Turn back

Movies I want to watch:
Teen Wolf on Netflix (it's streaming!)
Watch the rest of 8 1/2 even though it seems a bit too foreign for me.

The Wire. I really do need to watch it so I know what the hell "Omar comin'!" means. Ha ha. I doubt I'll like it as much as thirtysomething but who cares.
Match Game. I wish I still had the game show network so I could wear a bathrobe and watch Match Game all day long.

Disclaimer II: This post has been moderately proofread.

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