Sunday, January 02, 2011

R.I.P. The Reverend Al Crawford Slater

Well, the insurance company decided to total my car. So the Jeanners and I will start looking for a new used car. Which is kinda sad because I liked the ol' Reverend Al Crawford Slater, but kinda not sad because it was really only a matter of time before he developed some major health problems, plus the cd player/radio had pretty much stopped working well at all. I do most of my music listening in the car, so when the cd player conks out it makes me sad.

Jerns and I got some real good work done on the house over the last few days:

It don't look like much, but it's a nice start to the middle bedroom. Now in that room we just have to rip out the old wiring, cut trenches for new wiring, run the new wiring, add some drywall nailers, drywall the ceiling, wait for the insulation folks to insulate the exterior walls, and then drywall the walls. Then add doors and trim and all that bullshit.

Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but all in all it's been quite a decent weekend. I feel bad for the J-Dog, who will be returning to work on Tuesday after a two week hiatus.

I'm currently reading The Corrections, and I'm enjoying it. It's been on my list for awhile, so it's nice to finally be able to scratch it off. I'm about three quarters of the way through it, and I'm kinda ready to be done with it, though. I've liked it enough that I'll probably read his latest book when it comes out in paperback.

We had a real fun New Years' Eve the other night, and I actually stayed up until midnight for the first NYE in quite awhile, I believe. Katie the North American Traveler and her sister Anna and Anna's boyfriend Chris came over and we played Carcassonne and ate chili and baked macaroni n' cheese and drank tasty beer.

That's all I got fer now.

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