Saturday, January 29, 2011


The Jeanners is off helping Katie the North American Traveler pack up her shit and get ready for another move, this time up to Gettysburg to farm with her sister. She's (Jerns) been gone most of the afternoon, and I've spent the afternoon working on wiring. Up in the attic a lot, eating a lot of insulation, not wearing the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), not a good idea. I'll probably be coughing a lot tomorrow.

Yesterday I was at the grocery store and I bought some ham, which is a big deal cause since the J-Dog don't eat the meat we generally don't have any meat at home. So last night I made some delicious mashers for dinner and tonight I had a tasty meal of ham, leftover mashers, and some crusty bread that the J-Dog bought this morning.

What should I do tonight? The Jeanners probably won't be home til a bit later, so I have awhile to entertain myself. Maybe a little Civ III, maybe a little recording or remixing. Who knows. Maybe watch somethin' on Netflix.

Because a co-worker of mine changed his availability to being only available on weekends to work, it means that I have had quite a few weekends off lately, which has been awesome. The Jeanners and I have been able to make some good progress without driving ourselves crazy.

Another weird tidbit: a coworker of mine who is in his mid-40's had a seizure the other day, went to the hospital where they found a brain tumor and did an emergency surgery on him the next day. Jeez. You never know what's going to happen to you over the course of a week, I guess.

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