Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

It seems like every year I find one Christmas CD at work that just pumps my nads for the season. Last year: Phil Spector. This year: Andy "Fuckin' A" Williams. It is a bit overblown and schmaltzy, but whatever. I personally like his rendition of "O Holy Night" and a song that I had never heard before, "Sweet Little Jesus Boy." I also like the title "Sweet Little Jesus Boy." Perhaps I will steal it for my autobiography or auto-biopic.

Jerns and I have done some good work during the last week. We're doing some more demo, tearing out a wall between the kitchen and the future 3rd bedroom. As a result, there is now a little plastic bubble-room in our kitchen. It looks like this:

Also featured in that picture: Jeannie wearing a towel on her head. There, now you've seen it.

Tearing down the wall also involved moving a water line for the refrigerator ice-maker (which kinda sucked), some phone wiring, and a doorbell + wires. I enjoyed tinkering with the doorbell, and tinkering with it makes me want to invent and build a fully-electric xylophone. Perhaps when I have free time again (and after I have perfected the art of playing the pedal steel guitar) I will devote my life to the pursuit of the EX. (Electric Xylophone).

Getting back to the plastic-bubble room: It is fun to turn off the lights in the kitchen and then turn on the work lights in the bedroom behind the plastic bubble room. Kind of a weird theatrical lighting effect. Maybe in a future set I'll incorporate the plastic bubble room.

The Jeanners and I both have the day off tomorrow. The plan: lumberjack breakfast and then mucho worko.

I bought a backgammon set the other day. I just said what the hell.

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