Wednesday, December 08, 2010


My 700th post.

I have been a slacker lately and not written in nearly 2 weeks. Apologies. No good reason, I suppose, just busy and haven't really felt like writing.

The other day I took a poop and it was the largest turd (girth-wise) that I've ever dropped. Just thought you should know. I felt a little violated afterwards.

Worked on mixing Spiff's song for the week after Thanksgiving. Sent it off a few days ago. I was mostly happy with the results, although when I was mostly finished I went back and listened to the rough mix that they had sent tom me along with the tracks, and realized that there were definitely things about their guitar sound that I liked better than mine. Not a fun thing to realize when you've put in a few days worth of work. Nonetheless, I think the song sounds good, and I also got to work out a bit of a Diddy-style remix. There's talk of maybe adding a little bass part at a future date.

Tami's production of A Raisin in the Sun opened last night, and the jeanners and I went to the show. The kids did a pretty great job and the show went well. It was great to see how excited they were at the end during the curtain call when all the people in the audience were screaming and clapping for them.

After the show, I headed up to the Rec Room for a little gathering to celebrate the promotion and impending departure of one Brian G from the Towson B&N. He will be taking over as the receiving manager over there in Pikesville. Best of luck, G-Man.

I haven't heard Car Talk in weeks. Sad faced.

I have probably contracted mesothelioma while working on our rear bedroom. But we got some good work done. Hopefully more good work will continue as we get closer to the end of the year.

Work has gotten busier but not crazy yet. Today it seemed like everybody and their mother wanted to tello me their life story. Why? Why? I'm still working on perfecting my "I'm sorry, I'm sure you're a very nice person and I'd like you to continue coming here, but please stop telling me things about yourself because I really don't care, and I just want to put away those CD's over there behind you" facial and body language.

Waiting for Jerns to get home.




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