Thursday, June 24, 2010

Triumph of the Human Spirit (or See, You're Vote Really DOES Count!)

The Jeanners and I just got back from a nice summer walk. A nice walk, but then it felt hotter than a crack pipe inside the house when we got home. It's amazing how many walks we've been on since we finished watching all the available episodes of Big Love. I must say, it feels nice to use that hour of free time that we have after dinner for something more interesting than hunkering down in front of Bill Paxton.

Today a serviceman from the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company came to our home to install a programmable thermostat as part of the PeakRewards Smart Energy Savers Program that we enrolled in a few weeks ago. Basically, it means that the power company can turn off our air conditioner a few times during the summer, but they pay us for the privilege. Since we don't use the ol' AC much anyway, we figure it's worth a shot. Plus, we get to keep the thermostat even if we opt out later. Anyway, the thing is now installed, and it is very strange to see a shiny, space age piece of electronics amidst all the wreckage that is the backside of our house.

Well, now that the Jeanners is back from her trip (during which she had possession of our workhorse laptop), I was able to tinker around a bit with the song that I said I wasn't going to tinker around with, and I'm pleased with the results. It sounds basically the same, but it's expanded a bit and it's more gay disco-y. So thanks for the encouragement, everybody!

I had today off work, and my car is in the shop. I cut up some wood, worked on music, and did some laundry. And sweated. Tomorrow I am off work again, and my car will still be in the shop. What should I do? Maybe go for a run since my recent illness has kept me from any exercisical exertions. Perhaps tinker around with the song some more, make it even gayer and disco-y-er. Maybe try to come up with real lyrics. Shit, I meant to pick up some bananas but I forgot. Perhaps I will pick up some bananas tomorrow and make a smoothie. The possibilities are literally limitless. Except that they are limited to things that I can do without a car. But shit, I can sure pick up some bananas!



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