Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sick Rick

I have been sick like the proverbial doggy lately. Nasty summer cold, and for some reason the NyQuil would randomly choose to not knock me out but rather get me all hopped up, and as a result I had a couple of rough nights. But it seems to be on its way out, leaving me with nothing but a bad sore throat. Thanks to the Jeanners for taking care of me and getting me some non-expired Nyquil last night. I still owe you that date.

Been on a Tom Waits kick lately.

It's been warm here, and humid, and there isn't really a break in sight yet, but it hasn't been unbearable. A little uncomfortable at night, though. I wonder if we'll have to break down and turn on the AC at some point. I'm not planning on it, but I guess we'll have to see what it's like in July when it starts getting nasty hot.

What to have for dinner tonight?

What to do tonight?

Now that the Jeanners is back in town and I'm starting to feel better, I'm guessing we'll finish up painting the bathroom and then start on some wiring. Looking forward to it. I've been reading up, and think I should be able to not burn the place down. Anyway, we'll see.

Boring post. Not much going on.


Gena Brady Allen said...

Sick Rick! I hate Sick Rick...and Ill Bill for that matter. Feel better soon - summer colds just ain't right.

Little Messy Missy said...

You fight summer colds ff with hot toddy's silly!