Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lost in the Supermarket

A lazy Saturday night tonight. The jeanners is on the phone with her friend, the Geners. I've got some tunes on, up pretty loud. Listening to a little bit of the Clash, some Beck, and some Coldplay. So far. Now a little Bowie action.

Not too much new or exciting going on. Had work today, which was fine, middle-of-the-month boring. But fine. I've worked a little bit on some music over the last week or so, with no decent results. It's been a little depressing, actually, the lack of any inspiration or results. I'm going back and forth between "go down and work on some tunes a little bit every day, even if there are no results" and "take a break, give it some time, and put in the work when you feel excited." Not sure which is the right direction to pursue, but I'm leaning toward the "putting in a little effort every day" option.

Finished up the DFW interview book. It made me look forward to eventually reading the last novel he was working on, "The Pale King," which I was initially not too excited about. Unfinished posthumous things usually leave me feeling a little bit cheated. But now I just feel like really diving into some DFW language for a little while longer.

TOMORROW: A tasty breakfast of eggs and fake sausage, biscuits, juice. I'll spend the day working in the bathroom, trying to get some inset shelves to work out, and the Jeanners is going to put in some more quality time on the garden, and will also be giving me direction on the bathroom work. She actually cares how things look. Silly girl.

I would like to say that I know very little about trees and flowers. However, I really like the azaleas that are blooming in the yard. They make me happy. You are all hereby invited to come sit on the porch with me and enjoy the azaleas.

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