Sunday, April 11, 2010

Climate Mood Swings

So it was like 90 degrees here a few days ago. Then we had a storm and it dropped down to like 40-50 degrees. Now today it was a pleasant 75ish. Delightful.

When it was cold, the jeanners and I decided to have a fire, because 1) I love fireplaces and I've wanted to have one the entire time we've been here 2) The soil in our future garden needs many pounds of wood ash dumped on it so it will get some nutrients and grow tomatoes as big as, well, big tomatoes, and 3) we have lots of bundled up sticks from the Great Tree Felling of '10 that we want to get rid of. The fire looked sort of like this:

But not really because it was actually much darker in the room (except for the fire part).

Today on the delightfully sunny, pleasant day, the Jeanners and I were finally able to rent a tiller and turn up the soil for our future garden. Jeannie's pretty damned excited. She's been waiting for a garden of her own for a long time. Using the tiller was hard work, but it went pretty well. I was very impressed with the J-Dog's tilling. I thought the tiller would throw her around a little bit, but she was totally manhandling that thing around. She's tough like that. This picture, however, makes it look like the tiller is about to take off down the street and she's trying to stop it. She wouldn't let me post it on Facebook:

Last night we had tickets to go see David Sedaris down at the Meyerhoff Symphony hall. He was reading from a bunch of his stuff. It was pretty good. Neither of us are slobbering fans, but we enjoy listening to him when he's on the radio, and last night's event was kind of like listening to him on the radio but you could see him. Oh, and in person he's allowed to say FREAKY MUTHAFOCKA. He also talked about how if you die at home alone with your dog, your dog will wait a few hours and then eat your face.

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