Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Jeannie Said She's Gonna Poop in My Water

When did I become a busy person? I remember many times during the past few years when I had absolutely nothing to do. Those were good times. It seems like I haven't had any days like that in the last few months.

Here's what I want for Christmas: one day between now and the end of the year that transpires like the one described in this old blog post.

All that being said, the Jeanners and I are having a pretty good time working on this fucking house. I think it's gonna be really great when it's all done (estimated completion date: June 2047). Working has been especially fun because Jeannie is doing all the hard stuff and I just tag along to do the grunt work. Seriously, though, if you ever want to think good thoughts about the J-Dog, you should work on a house with her because it's really impressive to see her do all the planning and designing and building and everything. Cannot say enough good things about it. And then after working we come back to our shitty apartment and she opens the fucking windows in the bedroom, and it gets down to about 40 degrees during the night and we're bundled up in long underwear and stocking caps and blankets. It's absolutely bonkers crazy. Also, our current shower has 2 "slippery spots", which are two places on the floor of the shower that are permanently and perpetually slippery, like they're covered in shampoo but they're not. This is also bonkers crazy. All-in-all life feels just generally a little bit bonkers. In a good way. It feels good to be doing something. Feels good to be working towards something.

Wish I still smoked cause I think when the house is done it would be a nice place to have a cigarette.

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