Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rainy Day Fun

I must be a special boy, because I got to go out to eat twice today. First, I went to lunch with the Beej at the Rec Room. We both had burgers and G&T's. The burgers were awesome. That place has never disappointed me in the burger department. If anyone out there ever comes for a visit, remind me to take you to the Rec Room for a burger because they're good. Monday nights are half-price burger nights, too. So visit on a Monday.

Then, when my wife got home from work, she decided she wanted to go get some Thai food for dinner. So we took a shower and went to this little place downrown, Ban Thai, which is a cute little place that I had never been to, and had a nice little spontaneous date. And Jeannie looked real cute and it was fun and nice and we talked and it was just about as perfect as life can get.

Unfortunately, that's about all I did today. It's been raining all day and my car is in the shop, so I was pretty much stuck at home, so after I finished the dishes I played a little bit of guitar (a couple of ideas for possible future exploration) and then played Civilization III for awhile. Then I gave myself a haircut shortly before Jeannie got home. So I guess I accomplished everything on my list of things to do, but damn, I really didn't do that much...

Probably more of the same tomorrow.

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