Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Necklaces

Jeez, moving sucks. But we're almost done. Just a few more days.

I feel like the next couple of months are going to lick balls. Too much going on. Moving, Julius Casar, attempted house purchase, weddings, possible Quants reunion. Too much.

Tonight as we were packing up more shit, I found some necklaces that I used to wear in college, including one that I made at the Kirksville make-your-own-jewelry store, and one that has a little amulet for "protection" that Jeannie gave to me. Dudes wearing necklaces is very underrated. Except by Italians, in which case it is overrated. That being said, I did feel a little stupid when I met one of our new neighbors and I was wearing my necklaces. Oh well.

I'm really ready for all of this shit to be over with. I'm also ready for our goddamned wireless internet connection to stop being such a pussy.

Sorry for my potty mouth this evening.

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