Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving to the Country, Gonna Eat a Normal Amount of Peaches. Perhaps Slightly Less Than a Normal Amount.

I had forgotten how much moving sucks. We haven't really acquired that much more shit since the last time we moved 3 years ago, but it sure seems like we have, for some reason. Maybe Jeannie did most of the packing last time. Anyway, packing sucks.

Last night the Jeanners and I were going through old photos and letters and stuff like that. Always the best part of packing. Especially reading letters from 10 years ago (almost to the day) that talked about looking back in ten years at the events that were happening at the time and how we would feel about them.

It's strange how much this place we're leaving feels like home. It's kinda the first place that we've made our own a little bit. Neither of us has entirely wrapped our mind around the idea of leaving and moving into some unknown little crappy apartment. Feels strange. Wish we were moving right into a house, I think it would be much easier.

On that note, no news on the house front. We're waiting for a reply on our offer of last week. (the dude selling the house has been in Costa Rica. Or as our agent writes in her e-mails, "Costa Rico.")

Today I get a key to the new apartment and will begin moving our packed up shit over there. We don't officially move (with a moving truck and all) until August 29. Everyone is invited to come help.

Well, fuck a duck, what a boring post. I wish the Beej was still in town. I wish it wasn't so damned humid. Not necessarily in that order.

I'm gonna brush my teeth and go for a run.


Brian said...

sorry for moving in and making you want to move out. :(

If you/norman didn't schedule me to work, perhaps I will come help if it's still needed.


Schluetermetz said...

Moving is bullshit. Sorry. But fingers crossed on the house offer. Sorta.