Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Boss

On a whim the other day, I decided to bid on a used digital 8-track recorder on e-bay. I was a little bit surprised last night when I won, but pleasantly surprised because I got it for a really good price.

Some of the things I'm excited about:

1. It records in 24-bit resolution, as opposed to 16-bit resolution, so shit will sound just generally better and clearer.

2. On-board rhythm generator, on-board effects, and on-board phantom power for the mics, which means I won't need the computer, keyboard, or pre-amps when I want to record. Just the 8-track and a microphone. Between the POD and the 8-track, I'll have a nice little studio in 2 highly portable boxes. However, if I want to record something that's more involved, I can totally use The Boss in conjunction with my computer.

3. It'll be much easier working in real-time with knobs and faders than it has been working on my stupid, slow, crash-prone, mysterious-issue-having computer.

Looking forward to the arrival of this thing. Should be interesting to work with.

Also in the news:

Went to see Cyrano the other night with the Jeanners. I thought it was a bit too long but pretty damn good. Not really a weak link in the major players. Also, got to hang with PKP, T, and young FKP, which was definitely the highlight of the evening. PKP's been working tons, so it was nice that he was able to get an evening free and that we got to see him on it. Hopefully if my work schedule works out right, we'll be able to hang again next weekend.

Also: The other day I had two bananas in my lunch, and they were so big I felt a little embarrassed when I ate them.

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