Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beware India

Again, not too much going on. I just had a little burst of energy and did a dance routine for Jeannie in the kitchen. She's on the phone, but she would give me little nonverbal signals to cheer me on. A thumbs up, a nod of the head, little suggestions about possible moves.

Jeannie went to a public-speaking group meeting tonight, so I had the evening to myself. I decided to waste it by playing Civilization III. I was doing OK, but I knew that if India decided to attack me they would wipe me off the map. They played nice for awhile and then perpetrated a vicious sneak attack. I then quit the game.

Pretty quiet week for houses. Nothing new caught our eye. Yawn.

The J-Dog and I have decided to take a trip to St. Louis in a few weeks, because she was able to get the time off, and I was able to get the time off, and we didn't know if there would be any other time this summer when we could do it. So from July 1st to the 6th, look the fuck out, St. Louis!

I think that when we go to St. Louis, I'm going to eat nothing but Imo's Pizza. Except on the 4th of July, when I'm going to eat 400 lbs. of pork steak and drink home-made beer until I go into diabetic shock. While wearing cutoffs and a half shirt. Fuckin' A! Imo's is awesome.

I'm off tomorrow. I'm gonna do laundry, dishes, cleaning, maybe start running again, probably do a lot of sweating.


Brian said...

cutoffs? thumbs up

Andrew said...

I'll be in the Lou too! I may not bother with the half shirt, just bringing my hat, shorts, and flip flops.