Sunday, April 26, 2009

Additional Casting

Been trying to cast a few additional roles that I've been having trouble with, but I think I've nailed them down.

Karista..........Jill Hennessy
K-Torr...........Brendan Fraser

Alright. I think that's my cast list. I think reading Tom Cavanaugh for Uncle Rico is a good idea, and I did think that Antwan Lewis was surprisingly BJ-ish (but I'm afraid Kenny Hotz has a lock on the role), but I'm just not feeling Jason Lee for me.

Been reading a lot lately. Re-read Crime and Punishment. What a great damn book. Finished White Teeth, which I enjoyed but not as much at the end. Tonight at work I started reading a biography of Willie Nelson that's pretty damned good, so I bought it. It's pretty big so hopefully it'll keep me occupied for awhile. A good music biography is usually pretty inspiring for me.

A semi- day off tomorrow. Lots of errands to run.


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Johnboy said...

I may look like Brendan Fraiser, but I am not doomed to have his career. Hazaaah!