Friday, February 06, 2009

The Best Day of My Life

I'm expecting today to be the best day of my life. Here's why:

For the past week or so, my life has looked like this:
1. 5:45am-7:15am - wake up, go to work.
2. 4:00pm-ish - leave work, go to theatre
3. 12:00am-ish - leave theatre, go home and sleep

I haven't gotten to see the J-Dog, I've been eating crap, and I've had no free time.

But today looks like this:

1. 9:15am - wake up
2. 9:30am-10:30am - watch LOST and eat ice cream
3. 10:30am-12:30pm - e-mails, dishes, music, cleaning
4. 1pm - MASSAGE
5. 2pm-5pm - errands, laundry
6. 6:15pm - me and the Jeanners meet PKP for dinner
7. 8pm - watch The Country Wife
8. 11pm - post show party
9. 12am - sleepy sleepy

I think it's gonna be pretty awesome. And really, the past week hasn't been too terribly awful, just way too long and busy. I've enjoyed working with the people who are working on the show, and I've enjoyed listening to The Unforgettable Fire at truly deafening volume while I drive. But I have seriously been missing the J-Dog. I got home a little earlier than usual last night, so she was still awake when I got home, and it was wonderful to just talk and laugh and shoot the shit.

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