Friday, January 16, 2009

The Quiz

First, let's start off with this video that K-Torr posted on Facebook:

I have the morning off, and it's the first weekday morning off that I've had in a long time. FORESHADOWING: I think I'm going to fix myself a version of my all-time favorite breakfast.

Jeannie and I went over to Katie's last night for dinner, and we had a good time, and a tasty lentil soup and kale salad and Guinness. I have discovered, though, that lentil soup seems to pack a lot of gunpowder into the ol' ass cannon, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Next: Work was super slow yesterday, so I had some time to work on the quiz that I mentioned the other day. Test your knowledge of DOB.

You have 1 hour to complete this test. Timing will be done on the honor system. Answers will be posted in a few days. Good luck.

1. What is my all-time favorite breakfast?
a) 2 bowls of Lucky Charms with milk, 1 banana.
b) 2 eggs over easy, 3 pieces of bacon or sausage patties, toast, juice.
c) 3 fried eggs, 1 can of black beans, 3 TBSP salsa, 1 TBSP lowfat greek-style
yogurt. Mash it all together.

2. How many siblings do I have?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3
e) 4

3. What is my oldest childhood memory?

a) J. Hines peeing on the boys' bathroom wall -- kindergarden
b) Cutting my head on a chair leg at the bank -- age 2
c) Afternoon walks with my mom through the neighborhood, spelling W-A-T-E-R on
sewer lids -- age 4
d) burning my eyelashes and -brows on the cake at my first birthday party.

4. What is my current favorite song of all time?
a) "All I Need" by Radiohead
b) "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" by Death Cab for Cutie
c) "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" by U2

5. I prefer to wear:
a) boxers
b) briefs
c) boxer-briefs
d) commando
e) bikini briefs
f) thong

6. My least favorite coin is:
a) penny
b) nickel
c) dime
d) quarter
e) Kennedy half-dollar
f) Susan B. Anthony dollar
g) Sacajawea dollar

7. I have 3 bullets. Who gets them?
a) D. Finlaysen, A. Beanstock, B. White (local NPR personalities)
b) E.V. Arnold, Ross, Beatles Guy (B&N loons)
c) George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter (political players)
d) Dane Cook

8. Favorite Soup?
a) vegetable
b) pea
c) ass
d) clam chowder

9. What is my preferred style of government?
a) monarchy
b) democracy
c) communism
d) despotism

10. If I could live during any past era, it would be:
a) Wyoming, 1870
b) New York, 1950
c) England, Medieval Times
d) Dinosaur times

11. My favorite nostalgic TV show is:
a) Growing Pains
b) Who's the Boss?
c) Silver Spoons



Please write a short essay on one of the following topics:

1. Describe one of my typical days at the power plant.

2. Describe a typical day for me in Kirksville, MO.

3. Describe a typical day for me at the B&N.


Old Aunt Amy said...

All answers are D. Even those without the D option.

I remember there was some talk of skimming corn and sleeping under turbines.


Karista said...

1) Stop by hardees for bfast and lunch.
2) Get to work, check in, find place to hide/nap.
3) Pray to baby Jesus that shit-whipper duty is not in near future.
4) Leave work having earned ridiculous amount of money.

Mustard said...

1. you really like Lucky Charms & beans n'eggs, but your favorite is eggs w/ meats & toasts.

Mustard said...

2. 3

3. cutting your head at the bank

4. radiohead

5. boxer-briefs

6. nickel - it's larger in circumference and thicker than a dime but worth half as much

7. a - though i think this is rediculous

8. pea

9. monarchy

10. NY 1950

11. oh ricky schroeder...

Brian said...


Pretending to do work for at least 6 hours a day.. unless it's changeover time. Then for 8 hours a day.

I'm back from my trip and I'm exhausted.

Schluetermetz said...