Thursday, January 01, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

Does anybody know what "Auld Lang Syne" means? Neither do I. So last night, while Jeannie and I were over at Katie's for New Year's Eve, we decided it means, basically, the equivalent of "oh well." As in:

"Oh no! I've missed the train and now I'm late for work! Auld lang syne."

"Shoot! I just spilled coffee on my brand new trousers! Auld lang syne."

"I've forgotten all my old acquaintances! Auld lang syne."

My car is in the shop, because a mystery belt is squealing loudly and randomly, and the J-Dog and I had to get up early yesterday to drive it there. And then I had to go to work, and then after work Jeannie picked me up and we got some Thai food and went over to Katie's, where we watched The Kite Runner (which, we pretty much all agreed, was not a very good movie), and sang/hummed "Auld Lang Syne" (complete with harmony). We were home by 11 and promptly asleep, and did not wake up for any fireworks/random-Baltimore-gunfire that may have occurred at midnight.

While in St. Louis over Christmas I got a bunch of clothes that belonged to my Uncle Larry. Some of the clothes make me look and feel like Jimmy Buffett, especially a pair of turdy mustard brown loafers for which the J-Dog displays a keen dislike, but hey, free clothes.

Also, speaking of clothes, I read in Entertainment Weekly that 'lumberjack chic' is now "in." Finally, the look I've been sporting for well nigh 12 years now is starting to get some props.

I have one New Year's Resolution: use my time better. Yep, I am adopting the hoary old chestnut, Carpe Diem, as my motto for 2009. I think I'm gonna start by getting my ballsack pierced.

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