Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sally the Saw.

I rarely feel the desire to have relations with inanimate objects [anymore], but I bought this compound miter saw for CSC yesterday and I am totally in love. I have wanted the company to have a chop saw since, like, day numero uno, but felt that we were never in a position to spend the cash on one until now-ish. That's probably not true. We probably could've bought one at any point but for some unknown reason didn't. But the point is that now we have one and I love her and I've named her Sally.

It's the day before Thanksgiving, the bestest of all the holidays. I sure will be missing all the cool kids this Thanksgiving. It just ain't the same without them. We are, however, currently in talks planning for a fake-Thanksgiving sometime this spring, which is exciting.

I have made a kick-ass Christmas song mix to play at the store during this exciting holiday season. It includes classics such as "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band-Aid, "Last Christmas" by WHAM!, and "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey. And others. I'll also be bringing in my Herb Alpert X-mas CD, and the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack, a perennial B&N favorite, which for some reason was left off the offical B&N 2008 approved In-Store playlist.

Our radiators are actually working this year. It's a pleasant change.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

(should I have put a comma after Thansgiving? Anyone?)


erock said...

The comma was not necessary, unless you were going for emphasis! For example:
without the comma it sorta sounds like this "happythanksgivingeverybody!" which is great.
With the comma it puts emphasis on the last word which is fantastically exciting.
"Happy thanksgiving ... EVERYBODY!

I love it!

Happy Thanksgiving D&J!! Wish you were here!

Anonymous said...

Yes, DanO. I do, however, like erock's point about wishing EVERYBODY such holiday joy.

My theory: one can pull the 'emphasis' card to untangle any grammatical uncertainty. It's fool-proof.

Anonymous said...

Blast these new-fangled machines. I am not 'Anonymous'--I am Chris B