Monday, October 13, 2008

Perhaps it might very well indeed do a body good?

It is a beautiful autumnish day, and I am off work.

I had a dream last night about hanging out with K-Torr and his kid (perhaps as a result of leaving a Facebook comment several days ago about hanging out with K-Torr??)

There is a mouse (or some sort of animal) scurrying about in one of our living room walls. I am glad that it is stuck in the wall and not in our apartment. Nonetheless, the scurrying sounds are not enjoyable.

My dad starts his 3 days of tests today.

My dad has not been to a dentist for roughly 40 years. And never has any tooth-related problems. He says it is because he drinks a lot of milk. And he does drink a lot of milk, usually a glass or two a day. And since I have started dieting and stuff back in June, I have also started drinking a lot of milk (of the fat-free variety), about a gallon a week. And back before I started drinking the milk, I had been having some pain in one of my teeth, but since that time the pain has gone away. And so, long story short, I think my dad is right and that drinking milk is good for your teeth.

(or my tooth has become so rotten that the nerve inside is finally gone.)

Last night I ran to the B&N and then made it halfway home before I had to stop running and start walking. While I was running, I was thinking to myself that surely this had to be well over 10 miles, that I could easily run a half marathon, etc. Then I got home and Google-mapped it and it turns out that I only ran about 8-point-something miles. Which is good, and I'm pleased, but not nearly as impressive as the pain in my legs made it feel.

Laundry. Dishes.

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