Friday, October 10, 2008

Kachunk. Kachunk. Kachunk. Kachunk.

Today I rode my bike to work. And I haven't ridden it for a few weeks, and it's been sitting outside the front of our place (which is where our bikes live), and the chain has gotten kinda rusty. And so every time I pedaled, the chain would slip. Which made for a very annoying ride, indeed.

When I got home I oiled the chain which seems to have helped.

Not much else going on. The Jeanners and I went dress shopping this evening. The mall on a Friday night is a scary, scary place.

Started work on a new song last night. I'd been playing around with some chords and very sketchy lyrics for the last few weeks, and last night I was able to record a nice solid foundation, now I just need to come up with something to make it all interesting.

Tonight we watched part II of the seven part HBO miniseries John Adams. The second part was better than the first (but seemed longer -- was it longer?) and it's getting engaging. We'll see.

The reread of IJ is going well. I'm around page 180. Kneser, are you hanging in there?


Anonymous said...

Dr. Dan - love the look of the blog. That pic banner is hot, son!

2 Legit 2 Quit,
Uncle Rico

JK said...

I'm hanging in there although I'm not nearly as far as I would like to be (pg 95 i think). I need to not go multiple days between picking it up because then my mind is scrambled. I am enjoying it though. Any book that talks about wheelchair assasins is ok by me.